Boho Fashion Show


I will be shooting the Boho fashion show up on Capitol Hill for local designers Nicole Hood and Malia Peoples tonight (more info after the jump). I shot last weeks show at the Fremont Abbey. Special thanks to Darwin Cruz for the referral.

From last weeks show clothes by Nicole Hood:

“This June, Seattle won’t know what hit it with 2 hot fashion shows to kick the summer off!”

“Check out one or both of the upcoming Boho Fashion Shows to check out some of Seattle’s current and local designers. From a new denim line to organic summer frocks this show will titillate the most conservative Seattlite. Plus, the majority of the garments you see at the show are ready for purchase straight from the runway or custom designed! Designers will be mingling after each show. Don’t be bashful, when was the last time you were able to say what you were wearing came straight off the runway?

6/19/08 – 7pm at the Fremont Abbey on Fremont Ave and 43rd in Fremont

6/26/08 – 7pm at the Sole Repair Shop on 1001 East Pike in Seattle”