School Girls

To be on the safe side, and being a school girl, you probably shouldn’t take nude photos of yourself. But then again, we cannot dispute the fact that there is just something about nude photos that gets you excited. Be it as it may, you would want them to remain private. In ideal situations, they should be private. But you have probably seen to many

celebrity nude pics leaked onto the internet. Tempers flare all over but within no time another celebrity’s nude photos are leaked. With these increased events, the discussion is not to discourage schoolgirls from taking nude photos but rather what they should do in the event that they get leaked. If you are one of the many school girls who love to take sexy nude photos of yourself or you have some leaked, the following are some things that you should do.

Allow yourself to be angry about it

Many schoolgirls who have the courage to take exposing photos love to come across as hardcore and as not caring. Well, be it as it may, leaked photos is not a light thing. It is a breach of your privacy and you have the right to lose it. It is okay for you to get mad as this is an awful thing that has happened. Let it out and cry if you have to. But whatever you do, do not bury it inside as it will bury you instead. Be one of the smarter schoolgirls.

Keep away from haters and surround yourself with those who support you

Let’s be realistic her. Taking erotic photos is not exactly embraced by all people per se – especially for the case of schoolgirls. That said, you should ensure that you surround yourself with other schoolgirls who see it your way and who support you. Do not give the haters a chance to make you feel even worse. You need support at the moment and not criticism.

Contact owners of the site you find the nude pics

Whether you see them on facebook, twitter or worse still a porno site, it wouldn’t hurt to contact the owner requesting them to take it down. This will not stop the spread as once it’s out on the internet the damage is done. However, it can help reduce the number of people who will see it and pass it on. If you are underage, the better (for you) as most sites will not want to be charged with child porn – it’s bad for business.

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